The story

If today, I have a sty to share, is because of a boy called Rahul …

I met Rahul at Fatehsinh Ashram, Vadodara, an orphanage.  Some years ago, every Sunday afternoon I spent time with these kids. Rahul was a creative young spirit. He was a gifted artist, in leisure time he would draw, experiment with circuits and make clay idols of deities.

A few Sundays later, I found Rahul missing from the Ashram. On inquiring about him, I learnt about his will to live by himself without being a burden to relatives. I met him a few days later tto find that he had been selling cigarettes and tobacco products to pan shops to earn a living.

A dilemma faced me, as I wanted him to leave selling cigarettes but I also understood his need to earn money. Rahul promised me to never tread path of cigarette selling again, if provided with an income source.  After putting in a lot of thought, an alternative solution began taking shape in my mind. We met after a week and asked if he could make greeting cards. Always eager for new things, Rahul expressed his wish to learn making greeting cards. He was taught by a friend, who was an expert at arts and craft. Another couple generously chipped in monetary support and infrastructure to work and learn. Like a divine intervention, every logistical need fulfilled itself.

5000 greeting cards were created and were sold within a span of two months. During this phase, realizations dawned upon me, there were and still are, thousands of Rahuls who fell prey to hild labour and desolation due to lack of proper space and a channel to fulfill their need of self sustenance.  Thus Handmade Hope was born. A well planned, organized, set up that helped people to achieve economic independence.

 Today, Handmade Hope is a constantly evolving sphere of flowing creativity and opportunities for self sustenance and grows.

About Rahul, till today he has kept his promise.

-Rushabh Gandhi

Founder, Handmade Hope

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