Handmade Hope Cloth Bag

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Plastic pollution is a reality, we know.

Every smallest effort which you would take to reduce your usage of plastic is going to be helpful for our planet.

There is an ongoing debate of paper bags vs plastic bags on multiple social media platforms. But while we discuss that, avoiding them entirely and shifting our basics of breads, milk, fruits and veggies in cloth bags is never a bad idea.

I urge you to be an example for your family and friends and inspire them to reduce their share of plastic pollution in whichever way they can. 

~ Rushabh Gandhi, Handmade Hope

The cloth bag which you will receive can be of different designs and not identical to the image above. This is our effort to reduce as many single use plastic bags we can from India. We will be shipping only one cloth bag for every order placed. The only amount which you pay here is for shipping. Try to share our initiative with as many people you can and share your pictures with your shopping in Handmade Hope cloth bags. (For Facebook - tag @handmade hope and for instagram - tag @handmadehopeindia )






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